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A brief overview of just some of the activities for which the elected board is responsible is shown below. After reviewing the list, you may have a better understanding why a volunteer board needs a professional manager or management company to assist in performing the duties for which they have volunteered. Board members have careers and families. They may work full time and are not available 24 hours a day.


Collect monthly maintenance fees, maintain unit owner records

Prepare financial reports including the annual budget and monthly comparisons of actual versus budget income expenses

Manage income, including preparing checks for invoices

Investigate and contract for association insurance policies

Direct accountant to prepare accurate tax returns

Provide escrow information when homes are sold



Receive and/or take telephone calls and correspondence from owners

Correspond with owners regarding rules and regulations as directed by board

Receive owner work requests, requests for additions or changes to homes, receive complaints and take steps to resolve problems and/or approve requests

Obtain legal advice for key association decisions/actions

Maintain all association correspondence, minutes, records

Plan, organize, attend and oversee regular board meetings and annual election meetings


Building and Property Maintenance

Establish specifications and seek contractual compliance for:

Building maintenance

Landscaping maintenance including grass, shrubs, mulching, stones, and lighting

Cement maintenance including streets, sidewalks, and driveways

Identify maintenance projects and determine the priority and availability of funds for each project

Keep a record of the repair and/or maintenance work that has been performed on each home

Research and determine the most cost effective and long-term solutions for projects

Identify, select, contract, supervise and follow-up with contractors
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