About Grace Property Services

The Grace Property Services staff has over 30 years of collective experience in the association management field. Grace Property Services was founded by Lorraine Goss on several basic principles. The first principle is to provide respect and courtesy to all of our clients, vendors and employees. The second principle is to treat each community like our home. The final principle is to give back to the local community. We have found that following these basic principles has allowed Grace Property Services to become the premier association management company in the area.

Our mission at Grace Property Services is to provide professional guidance to all of our clients. In order to establish and maintain the quality services and knowledge necessary for the benefit of our clients, customers and vendors certain standards and objectives shall be required. As specialists in the association management field, continuing education is a requirement of all our managers. This allows us to remain current on changes in the industry and allows us to advise our boards effectively and give them the opportunity to make the best decision for your community.

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Grace Property Services, Helping to Guide Community Associations Throughout Ohio