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Grace Property Services, Helping to Guide Community Associations Throughout Ohio

Grace Property Services is dedicated to the mission of providing professional service in the community association management industry. Grace Property Services specializes in community association management, both for condominiums and homeowners associations. Our staff receives continuing education about the changes that effect Ohio’s Community Associations. Several of our managers are licensed real estate agents as well. In addition to professionals that know the community association management industry Grace Property Services can also provide guidance for your owners and help maintain the value of their homes.

Association Management

The staff at Grace Property Services has been successfully managing community associations for over 30 years collectively. We pride ourselves not only in being the largest community association management company in the greater Canton area, but also in providing each of our associations the leadership, resources and professional tools required to become successful, financially sound communities.

Our department works together as a team and currently manages over 70 associations. We are members of CAI (Community Association Institute). We realize that continuing our education is one of the keys to our ability to lead in this field.

What to Expect

Grace Property Services will cater our services to meet your community association’s specific needs. Our experience in the community association industry over the years has allowed Grace Property Services staff to work with any style or size of property. As a board member you can expect accurate accounting of the association’s funds, dedicated staff to solve any owner’s concerns and a commitment to help the board maintain your community as a desirable place to live.

Continuing Education

Grace’s CFO Alex Jacobs attended the CAI (Community Associations Institute) 2018 Law Seminar this year.  This seminar is a great resource for staying on top of the changing legal standards surrounding community associations.  It’s important to Grace that our staff is up to date on all topics that can affect our associations.  We will work with your association attorneys to best advise your boards on their day to day decisions.

Some of the topics covered at the seminar include:

Assistance and Emotional Support Animals.  These can be a sensitive topic in many associations.  No one wants to make life more difficult for someone struggling with a disability, but owners may not be aware that it’s not only dogs that can be used for support.  Every situation is different, and boards should be aware of needing to work with the attorneys to ensure that every owner can enjoy the facilities.

Third Party Liability laws have changed, altering when a board may need to intervene in an owner to owner conflict.  We will be bringing suggested policies to future meetings.

The seminar also discussed strategies for associations dealing with hoarders, and the importance of collections policies.

The seminar was held in Palm Springs, California (a real hardship to travel to in February from Ohio).  Many of our association’s attorneys were also present at the seminar, ensuring that they are also on top of the topics that affect your community.